Caution: Sandbox in Progress!

This weekend I was reminded that it is a dangerous thing to enlist my husband in projects involving power tools. Last week, I decided that we needed a sandbox in the backyard, and we just happen to have a stubborn spot where the grass never really took hold that is a perfect location for it. His first response was, “How big do you want it? Are you thinking about 10′ x 10′?” Good grief! That’s one hundred square feet!  100 square feet of sand is a lot for kids to play in, even at the beach. In the end, despite insisting that 4 square feet would be plenty, we compromised and now have a lovely 6′ x 6′ wood frame sitting in the northeast corner of the yard, ready to be tarped and filled with sand…lots and lots and lots of sand. Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project and keep your fingers crossed that the little ones will love it as much as I hope they will!


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