About Roslyn

Cargill_FamilyWelcome to my page!  I am the owner of The Growing House Family Child Care, which is located in my home in east Iowa City, Iowa.  I was born and raised in West Texas, where I also earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Lubbock Christian University in Youth and Family Ministry.  In 2004, I moved even farther west, to Malibu, California, where I served the University Church for several years as the Youth Minister to Middle School and High School students.  Shortly after learning of our first pregnancy, my husband accepted a teaching position with the University of Iowa, and we moved to Iowa City just a few days after our son, MacLaren Grey, was born in August 2011.

I have been tremendously happy staying at home with Mac.  When it came time to start thinking about returning to the kind of work for which one receives a paycheck, he became the inspiration for a new adventure: starting my own business at home!  I am so excited to help facilitate and observe the growth of the children in my care.  One of my favorite parts of ministry was designing games and times which, while perhaps not much was accomplished in the way of immediately measurable goals, fun was had, and relationships were strengthened.  I am certain that the same is true of play for 2 year olds as it is for 12 year olds:  at the end of the day, the rules are secondary to the creativity, new ways of thinking, and relationships formed.

Outside of the time I spend taking care of little ones, I love finding new recipes to create (and love eating them even more)!  I also enjoy the outdoors and look forward to finding all the best places to camp in the Midwest with my family.  I never say no to a good game, especially one that has the potential to be messy or create laughter.  Traveling and spending quiet evenings with my amazing husband, Bob, are among my favorite things.  Passion for learning, acceptance of all people, appreciation for nature and beauty, and an adventurous spirit are things that I hope I can bring to my own children, as well as those who join us at The Growing House.


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